Neither Guantanamo nor the oppression taking place in Muslim countries will remain when the Turkish-Islamic Union becomes a reality
Mr. Adnan Oktar answers the claims about the axis of Turkey shifting
The persecution of the Muslims in Burma(Myanmar) should be ceased. Let everyone write letters to the authorities for this.
The Turkish-Islamic Union is the solution to the sufferings of Muslims
Turkey should be a referee to stop the persecution executed on the Muslims in Chechnya
One needs to absolutely approach incidents with peace and compassion
China must withdraw completely from East Turkestan and hand the region over to our East Turkestan brothers.
China is the only country in the world where there is no law or justice. Neither judges, prosecutors nor the police in China are doing anything against the persecution of our East Turkestan brothers.
The events happening in Israel are the pay outs of Muslims being apart
The solution to end the artificial hostility policy between Palestine and Israel is Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Turkish-Islamic Union
What needs to be done to put matters right between Israel and Iran?
Iran is our friend, our brother. We love Iran
The Turkish Islamic Union meant is a radiant and divine system based on Allah's morality. It is not a system based on fun and travelling
Ones who want to bring goodness to Palestine should first strive for their faith and salvation in the Hereafter.
Russia is a trustworthy country that will be one of the most important countries of the Turkish-Islamic Union
Pakistan and Turkey are arm in arm all along
Palestinian brothers should say: ''O Lord, send us the Mahdi (pbuh) and let the Turkish Islamic Union be established'
Turkish president Abdullah Gul also says ''Iran will not use atomic bomb''
Religious Jews want Turkey to be the leader of the region within the Ottoman vision
China must announce the fate of the 30 million Uighur Turks who have disappeared; it must open up the basements of all its prisons, police stations, mental hospitals and military facilities where torture has taken place.
So long as we have the Turkish-Islamic Union...



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